University of San Francisco Simple Biology Exercise



Today in Biology class, I will have a timed exercise to complete in class. The exercise will be short and simple.

Attached in the file upload section, you will find 2 files that I uploaded which I was provided by my professor.

The files are samples. One file contains content on which the exercise will be about and sample practice exercise questions as practice/study guide which are very similar to the ones that will be given on the real exercise. Again, all the files uploaded are all only SAMPLES!

The exercise that I will be provided in class will be very similar to the sample/practice one that I have already attached to this post and I will have about 3 hours to complete it.

2 hours to complete the exercise will be more than enough time.

I will arrive to class in 30 minutes.

Right as I will arrive to class, I will immediately uplaod photos of the exercise so that you may get straight to work and have as much time as possible to complete the exercise at your best ability.

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you so much in advance!