University of Wales Radio WWII Gas Rationing Episode Questions


The topic is on how radio is used during WWII to encourage patriotic actions by American citizens. 

Please listen to the “Gas Rationing” episode of Fibber MacGee and Molly

You can find a captioned video of Fibber McGee and Molly here (Links to an external site.)
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Please answer the  questions listed below. You may structure your response however you choose, as long as all of the following questions are answered within it. In each response, please include specific evidence/examples from the episode.

There is no page length for this assignment. Our expectation is that these assignments should be approximately 2 pages long. However, there is no penalty if the response does not correspond to this length.

Questions to be answered:

What is the central lesson or message communicated in this episode? What does the show ask audiences to learn or to be persuaded of by the end of the episode?

What is the relationship between the episode’s humor/jokes and its central message? In other words, how does it use humor to communicate its larger point?

What does the episode communicate about gender roles during WWII? How does it communicate this?

How does Fibber McGee and Molly compare to contemporary sitcoms on TV? In answering this question please consider at least one of the following questions: how is the humor of the show similar to or different from contemporary comedies on TV; how is the show’s address of/incorporation of a contemporary political issue similar or different to how entertainment shows (especially comedies) address contemporary issues today.