UO Furniture and Finishes Discussion



The purpose of this project is to design a midscale hotel. Students should become familiar with the various specialty/service areas that are incorporated into a hotel space as well as the design of different types of guest rooms.
So we are going to design a midscale hotel, located in Long Beach, California.
Location Address: 180 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802


Project Document: (I will provide an example of the project document, please follow the same format)

– Project title and summary of project goals.

– Site analysis: Describe site benefits including sun path, noise source, public transportation, amenities, climates, etc. along with site maps.

– Hotel brand development: Describe the overall hotel brand including target customers, hotel amenities, services, etc.

– Design concept development: Describe the design concept based on the location, brand, and color palette. Use the design elements and principles as well as major programmatic features that applied to the design solutions. (My design concept is Coastal Style).

– Research findings related to the hotel design trends. (I will provide lecture guide to complete this part. All you need is to write notes al bullet points, not paragraphs).