West Coast University COVID-19 Presentation


The final submission combines the other four phases into one PowerPoint presentation consisting of your Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, and Phase IV papers to make Phase V- the PowerPoint presentation and abstract.

You edit and format your PowerPoint so it will flow for the reader. This PowerPoint will need to be corrected with all the feedback provided from previous papers. Include conclusion and learning experiences from the essentials and from the class.

Do not forget to document limitations and implications for future research/practice.

The presentation should also include:

1. 15-20 slides (including the title and reference slides).

2.Basic principles of presentation development and APA style should be applied.

3.All sources must be from evidence-based professional websites or peer-reviewed journals to validate and support the information presented. Sources must be current (within 5 years).

4.In-text citations should be included on each slide with information from a source. Citations should be formatted following APA. All statements originally found in scholarly references/sources must be cited in the presentation.

5.Pictures or graphics included that are not clip art must include the website and cannot be copyright protected. Please make sure it is permissible to use any pictures included in your presentation. APA format must be followed.

6.The presentation should be interactive, innovative, thought-provoking, interesting to the audience, and valuable.