Writing an equipment evaluation. Assume you are a supervisor at M&K’s equipment development…

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Writing an equipment evaluation. Assume you are a supervisor
at M&K’s equipment development shop. The procurement office routinely asks
you to write evaluations of new pieces of equipment being used in the shop.
Such evaluations help the Canadian director of procurement, Brenda Seymour,
decide on future purchases. Write a brief memo to Seymour, evaluating the
Brakoh cordless drills that your sta£1 began using in the shop about a year
ago. The Brakoh brand replaced a more expensive brand that the shop had used
for the I 0 previous years. In the past few months, your technicians have
reported that the cheaper models have been falling apart after six or eight
months of use. Information coming to you suggests that there are two main
problems: (I) a grinding noise can be heard in the housing, resulting in the
failure of the chuck (the piece that holds the drill bit) to rotate; and (2)
drilling time between rechargings tends to decrease as the drill gets older.
You believe that the manufacturer, in order to cut the cost of the drill, has
substitu ted poorl y made components in high-wear locations. For example, tbe
gears responsible for turning the chuck are made of plastic. With a little
wear, the gears tend to slip, which produces the grinding sound and the
rotation failure. As for the recharging problem, the power ceU just seems to
hold less charge than the previous drill. ln summary, the drill has broken down
four times faster than the other model, causing many repair bills and a Joss in
productivity. rn writing your memo, remember that in this case your main j ob
is to provide in for· mation to the director of procurement, not to make
recommendations one way or the other. After receiving your memo, she probably
will complete a cost analysis to determine if the problems with the cheaper
drill outweigh the advantages of the initial cost savings While planning some
of these assignments-especially #6-you may need to review information in
Chapter 2 about M&K. Also. for each assignment you should complete a copy
of the Planning Form (included in Chapter 1). These assignments can be
completed as individual or group projects.